Hotels in Cabarete are plentiful for any budget. There are also hostels, apartments, studios, budget rooms and bungalows. Hotel standards vary greatly as well as well their location. New hotels open every year as well. Where you should stay mainly depends on what activity you’ll be doing while in Cabarete, how much you’d like to move around or not for a meal or a drink, how long you’ll stay and your budget of course.

Hotels in Cabarete and apartments for tourist rental are mainly located in four areas:

Kite beach

A hotel or hostal in Kite Beach is for many the #1 choice while staying in Cabarete. It’s also the home of the popular “Kite Club Cabarete”, where kiters meet for food, drink, just to hang out or store their kites and board. Most hotels here are in the mid-range in terms of standard and price.

Kite Beach Inn, is located next door to the kite club. The beach in front of Kite Beach Inn one of the busiest spots on the beach. You’ll be right in the middle of the action.
Watermark Kitebeach Luxury Hotel, is a great choice right on Kitebeach if your budget allows to rent one of these luxery apartments.
Extreme Hotel sort of sticks out as it’s got it’s own gym and quite a few onsite activities such as fitness, yoga, kickboxing and it’s got it’s own trapeze and circus school named Kaiceitos.
Seawinds Condominiums is a beachfront gated community of luxurious condos. In total it contains 82 beachfront apartments. It’s located right at the south end of kite beach, at the point where Cabarete bay starts
Agualina Kite Resort
Kite Beach Hotel
Caba Reef 

Cabarete Bay, between Kite Beach and the center

The area from Kitebeach down to the center of Cabarete is where you’ll find the greatest number of hotel and tourist-apartments for rent. The beach here is wider, there's more room out at sea. But beginners might still prefer to kite at the more flat, yet crowded waters, inside the reef at Kite Beach, a short walk up the beach.

Punta Goleta
Ultravioleta Boutique Residences
Cabarete Beach houses at Nanny Estate
Viva Wyndham Tangerione Resort
Olas da Oro Cabarete
Millennium Resort & SPA Cabarete

Cabarete center

Hotel Villa Taina
Le Reef Beach Condos Cabarete
Cabarete Palm Beach Condos
Apart Hotel Areca has an excellent location if you want to be right in the center at a budget price.
Hotel Kaoba, located just on the other side of the road on the right on the start of the "strip" in Cabarete.

Velero Beach Resort is located on the very south end of Cabarete Bay where you also find Celuisma Cabarete. For windsurfers this might be a good choice.
Windchime Condos is a budget option on the outskirts of Cabarete, southwards.

Playa Encuentro

As this area between Sosoua and Cabarete is rather “remote” in Cabarete-terms we only recommend staying here if you ONLY expect to wave-surf. Apart from the surf at Encuentro theres not much here apart from peace and quiet and lush green tropical vegetation. If you expect to go out at night for some food or drinks, you are completely dependant on transport. 

Surfbreak Cabarete is a good option for the dedicated surfer, if you’re fine with this slightly “remote” location. The owner happily organizes activities so you should not be bored when the waves die down in the afternoon. 
The Coconut Palm Resort is also in the same area. It’s more of a normal medium sized hotel, about a fiveteen minute walk from Encuentro surf beach.
Hideaway Beach Resort is located in the same area of Playa Encuentro. There are 13 apartments and several private homes for rent in this condo/hotel resort.

Inspiración y ideas

Estos proyectos abajo han aplicado gran parte de las ideas, el diseño, uso de materiales y los métodos que deseamos aplicar a nuestro proyecto en Cabarete: