Flying into Puerto Plata and Cabarete leaves you with several options. Puerto Plata Airport Gregorio Luperon Airport is just a short taxi ride away from Cabarete so that would be the first choice. You can also fly into the Dominican capital Santo Domingo and take on of the many daily buses that connect to Puerto Plata and Cabarete.

Puerto Plata flights from United States
The US is connected to Puerto Plata airport mainly via New York (JFK) / JetBlue Airways, Newark / United Airlines and Miami (American Airlines).

Puerto Plata flights from Canada
From Candada you can fly directly to Puerto Plata airport from Montreal (Air Canada and Sunwing), Toronto (Sunwing) and Quebec (SunWing).

Puerto Plata flights from Europe
For direct flights to Puerto Plata Airport from Europe your options are from Germany, Belgium and Holland mostly.
TUIfly has charter fligths from several cities in Germany including Frankfurt and Cologne/Bonn most flights are in summer season.
Condor will fly to Puerto Plata from Frankfurt.

You can also check with Air Beling, Eurowings, Finnari, ThomsonFly and XL Airways. They do fly to Puerto Plata from destinations in Europe but limited to certain seasons only.

A good option from Europe is to fly to Miami or Newark (New York). Both are well connected to Puerto Plata, however this might require a «Visa Waiver» for most EU citizens.

Santo Domingo flights from Europe
Flying to Santo Domingo you have more options from Europe.

– Madrid has great connections Santo Domingo. The spanish flag carrier Iberia has direct fligths, as well as Air Europa and recently the Spanish airline Plus Ultra began regular flights to Latin America, with connecting flights between Madrid and Santo Domingo.

– Brugest-Ostend (Belgium) has flights to Santo Domingo with JetAirfly, they do however depend on season.

For a live view of flights arriving at Puerto Plata Aiport use this link.



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